"We’re very happy with the service provided by Wernick..."

Morrison Utility Services

It doesn’t seem a particularly impressive job on paper; installing a 5 bay building with office space, drying rooms and welfare facilities for a utility services company in Beverley, Yorkshire.

What does seem rather impressive is completing 3 of these jobs; installing the same type of buildings, for the same company, in 3 different locations, in just 4 months.

A successful and well-regarded supplier of maintenance to a number of well-known utility companies, Morrison Utility Services has seen rapid expansion occur over the past years. Whenever the company was in need of extra office space, Wernick Refurbished Buildings has been on-hand to provide.

In fact, at least 8 new offices have been hired or purchased by Morrison from Wernick in the past 2 years, from 8 bay office complexes to small 2 bay cabins.

Morrison Utility Services enjoy using the Refurbished Buildings service according to Hire Manager Angela Hodgson, who particularly enjoys seeing how the refurbishment team can transform old units into high quality new buildings. “We’re very happy with the service provided by Wernick; from seeing the original units, and wondering how they’ll be refurbished by the team in Shipton, right the way to receiving a quality new building from professional and courteous site staff.”

This series of projects is just a number in the long history of successful partnership between Wernick Refurbished Buildings and Morrison Utilities; a working relationship that has spanned over a decade.

The Wernick Refurbished Buildings team are proud to have served Morrison Utility Services over the years and look forward to a future of continued friendship. Regional Sales Manager Lynda Robinson told us; “It’s a pleasure to have worked with Morrison Utility Services for so many years.  I personally have been the contact for Angela and Richard at Morrison for more than a decade, and they have been wonderful to work with. I hope to be working with them for many years to come.”

The relationship between the two companies began when Morrison Utility Services started looking into the cost and time savings that could be offered by modular buildings but persevered thanks to the excellent service provided by Wernick. Angela told us; “Wernick were originally chosen as a provider who offered a full package, with experienced staff guiding us from enquiry to hand-over. We’ve stayed with Wernick ever since thanks to their high quality customer service, my contact, Lynda, is always prompt, professional and fully understands what we need.”