Dragon TV

PK Provide Accommodation for ‘One Born Every Minute’ Filming Crew

One Born Every Minute, Channel 4’s BAFTA winning reality TV show, documents the heart-warming drama of the maternity ward and takes an in-depth look at the experiences of both staff and parents-to-be. In anticipation of season 4, the show’s producers (Dragonfly TV and Film Productions) hired Wernick Refurbished Buildings, an established and reliable company, to provide them with their construction expertise.

Filming on location at the Leeds General Infirmary – Dragonfly required extra capacity to house their production team and crew of up to 24 per day.. The crew cover 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to monitor and record the goings on in a busy delivery suite, each shift is covered by a team of 8 at a time. This building was to occupy a space of 60 square metres, and house the team for a period of 8 weeks.

This was not the first time that Dragonfly had hired out Portakabin Buildings, so on realising that they needed them once again; they quickly contacted Wernick to agree on a competitive hire rate. Conveniently for Dragonfly, Wernick Refurbished Buildings was in possession of a fleet of used genuine Portakabin Buildings and reserved two double stacked units with a staircase running through them.

In compliance with hospital restrictions, the building was delivered and installed on a Sunday. Within no more than a couple of days the Dragonfly crew promptly found themselves operating in a fully functioning and refurbished facility, completely tailored to their requirements.

Dragonfly’s Production Manager, Gemma Mcdonnell, stated “We are very happy with the building provided by Wernick Refurbished Buildings. It was provided on time and exactly as described. There were no surprises. The team simply could not have been more helpful”.

Dragonfly Film and Television Productions Ltd is one of the UK’s leading independent production companies. Part of the Shine Group, it has produced more than two hundred hours of television for channels including BBC, Channel Four, Five, National Geographic, Discovery and Sky One.