British Bung Co.

British Bung Co. get Speedy Solution after Factory Flood

The British Bung Manufacturing Company is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of traditional wooden cask closures from the brewing industry. The company began life as part of Charles Buckley and Son Ship Chandlers in 1882, which supplied brushes and other goods to the shipping industry. In 1917 the company moved to West Yorkshire, setting up a separate company for bung making. The Bung co. have been on the same site in Mirfield ever since.

So when flood water swept through the factory and offices, rendering them uninhabitable, the Company sought out a solution that kept them on the site that had been their home for almost a century. A call went out to modular accommodation specialists to provide temporary offices on the Mirfield site, and to provide them quickly.

Paul Mitchell, National Sales Manager at Wernick Refurbished Buildings, responded to the call, in his first week in the new role. He recalls; “I was quite literally thrown in at the deep end! The offices and factory had suffered severe flooding; the workers required urgent temporary office accommodation.”

The process of moving from drawings to contracts was achieved in matter of days, to quicker provide the staff with the new space they desperately needed.  Installation took only 4 days to complete and saw the offices positioned on a raised grass bank, in order to prevent any flooding.

Paul was in attendance to hand over the keys and watch his first installation with Wernick Refurbished Buildings. He told us; “The key was in the efficiency of our service; we turned round the initial drawings and specification as quickly as possible. When the work was completed I had the satisfying experience of watching the units installed and knowing my first project had been a success.”