Reddish Vale – Fallowfield Campus


Reddish Vale, a client based in Manchester, approached Wernick Power Solutions (WPS) with a specific challenge related to their Fallowfield Campus project. Although being recommended by a previous client, the primary concerns were the need for asbestos removal, a critical task requiring a reliable and efficient power solution to support the removal process alongside their lack of familiarity with the hybrid setup

  • Project name: Fallowfield Campus - Asbestos removal
  • Sector: Construction
  • Location: Manchester
  • Client name: Reddish Vale
  • Solution provided: 40kVA & 45kW battery
  • Features: Hybrid solution


The objective was to help Reddish Vale understand the benefits of the hybrid solution over a standard 40kVA setup. WPS proposed a tailored solution for Reddish Vale’s Fallowfield Campus project and created an educational process presenting the client with detailed information, previous case studies, and savings reports. The recommended method included the deployment of a 40kVA & 45kW battery as a hybrid solution.


The engagement with Reddish Vale proved successful, and the client opted for the hybrid solution after education on its advantages. Spanned over a 2-month duration, the 40kVA & 45kW battery with hybrid features demonstrated its reliability and efficiency leading to a total saving of £2,228 and avoiding 6,682 kg of Co2 emissions.

Additional savings included:

  • 2,622 litres of fuel
  • 580 silent hours
  • 83% silent running efficiency

“I’m very impressed with the savings so far.”
Roy Tindall
Managing Director