Barnstaple Custody Suites


G4S, the world’s leading international security solutions group, was the first security company to offer police forces in Britain the opportunity to buy into the operation of privately owned and operated custody centres. Essential to the construction of the centres are Wernick’s PCflex custody suites, which consist of a selected number of double cell units; each unit having a section of corridor between a pair of cells.

Eight police forces have already independently bought or hired Wernick PCflex™suites since they became available and have all stated that they are pleased with the quality and operation of the system. Warwickshire Constabulary, for instance, hired an eight cell custody suite, complete with charge and interview rooms, while their Rugby police station underwent major refurbishment. These hire suites can be delivered and be operational in as little as five working days.

G4S claims that they have the potential to make tremendous savings for police authorities that use their permanent PCflex equipped centres. “One force, that we have given a quote to, can save £77m over the next three years and £243m over 25 years against their existing provision,” stated John Shaw, the managing director of G4S’s Police Support Services for their Care & Justice Services Division.

  • Project name: Barnstaple
  • Sector: Police
  • Location: Barnstaple
  • Client: D&C police
  • Supplied by: Wernick Buildings
  • Accommodation type: PC flex
  • Time on site: 10 weeks
  • Features: Cells, custody desk, intox room, shower, WC


PCflex equipped installations take half the time to build when compared to traditionally built police cells and cost 60 per cent less to purchase than going down the traditional construction route. This time and money saving is made primarily because the cells are factory constructed using the best principles of off-site construction. While the manufacture of the cells is taking place at Wernick’s factory, the site can be prepared at the client’s chosen location at the same time.

It's functioned exactly how we need it to function - I would recommend using Wernick.

Kellie Edwards
Custody Inspector Barnstaple Police