Maidstone Hospital


Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust and Wernick Refurbished Buildings recently completed a new oncology unit located in Maidstone.

As with many healthcare facilities in the UK, Maidstone Hospital urgently needed more ward accommodation. With increasing numbers of patients, hospital staff needed more space in order to give each patient the required care.

The client needed a new oncology block as quickly as possible, therefore a rapid modular building solution was the perfect option.

After some online research, the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust reached out to Wernick Refurbished Buildings. Due to the fast lead time and the lower cost, a refurbished modular building was determined to be the best way forward.

  • Project name: NHS Maidstone Hospital
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Location: Maidstone
  • Accommodation type: Two-storey modular oncology unit
  • No. of modules: 20 modules
  • Programme length: 12 weeks
  • Features: HTM-compliant sinks & taps, medicare ceiling tiles, hygiene boards, IPS boarding, non-slip vinyl, and set-on skirting


Wernick Refurbished Buildings has extensive experience providing flexible accommodation options for healthcare facilities. They were eager to take on the task.

Using a factory-controlled refurbishment process, the WRB team utilise the steel frames of used modular buildings, while the interior fit-out is brand new. Recycling old buildings means that cost savings are passed onto the customer.

The team designed a 20-unit refurbished modular building that met HTM specifications.

The two-storey block is complete with features like HTM-compliant sinks and taps, medicare ceiling tiles, hygiene boards, IPS boarding, non-slip vinyl, and set-on skirting. It also boosts a state-of-the-art mechanical ventilation system. The building is also outfitted with an external bespoke staircase.

We were able to construct this modular building with an incredibly short lead time. This was effective because it allowed the hospital to take more patients and improve their quality of care.

Kieran Webberley
Wernick Refurbished Buildings Sales Manager