Large-scale drying facility for major nuclear infrastructure project


TCi construction WORKS had a requirement to provide locker and drying accommodation for several thousand operatives at EDF Energy Hinkley PointC Nuclear New Build.

A total of 182 bays have been supplied so far across the site, which, in combination, comprises the largest welfare/workwear drying facility in the UK.

For this substantial project there are three blocks of accommodation, referred to as “East”, “West” and “North” Blocks. The East Block comprises 75 Open Space Units over 3 floors, with 25 units per floor. The Ground Floor is a transport interchange – known as the “secure bus terminal”, floors 1 and 2 are the Drying Facilities Value £1.3m.

The West Block comprises 3 floors of drying facility and the final North Block phase was delivered January 2022.

  • Project name: Nuclear infrastructure project
  • Sector: Construction
  • Client name: TCi Construction WORKS
  • Supplied by: Wernick AVDanzer
  • Accommodation type: OpenSpace anti-vandal steel modules over three-storeys
  • Size: 75 modules


Our installation was delivered on time despite losing several days due to weather restrictions. The system is adaptable, practical and flexible and offers a high quality accommodation solution. The AVDanzer, Technical team, provided specification advice over a number of months and this helped the building design and specification to evolve until TCi construction WORKS and EDF Energy were satisfied that we had interpreted their requirement correctly.

AVDanzer located the enquiry through an onsite contact at EDF in late 2020. Our client TCi, is a Tier 1 Contractor to Hinkley Point C and chose AVDanzer as the OpenSpace range manufactured at our Langley Mill factory provides fast, efficient open plan space with the potential to grow when required.

image of avdanzer project

Great progress by the entire team throughout, despite the weather challenges. Thank you again.

Josh Arnold
Project Manager for TCi construction
image of avdanzer project