Isle of Wight Festival


The Isle of Wight festival is a music festival that takes place every year with thousands of visitors enjoying its concerts, fairground attractions, food stalls and Cirque de la Quirk.

Wernick Events have been working with the festival for over 10 years and the 2021 event saw Wernick Power Solutions also contributing, providing temporary power to the festival.

The event required cabins throughout the festival which involved: production offices, dressing rooms, campsite offices and ticket offices.

Cabins and power solutions were required for the whole festival which lasted from the 16th of September to the 19th of September 2021. Although the event lasted for a weekend, the duration of the project lasted around 6 to 8 weeks as we had to collate fleet, deliver to site, set-up, run, decommission, and return to the depot.

  • Project name: Isle of Wight Festival 2021
  • Sector: Events
  • Location: Seaclose Park, Newport, Isle of Wight
  • Client name: Isle of Wight Festival
  • Supplied by: Wernick Events and Wernick Power Solutions
  • Accommodation type: Portable cabins, ticket booths, power generators and fuel tanks
  • Features: Office areas, dressing rooms, generators and fuel tanks


After being cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19, it was rescheduled for September 2021. Wernick Event’s delivered high-quality cabins that were used throughout the festival along with Wernick Power Solutions power generators and fuel tanks.

A wide range of people used the cabins on-site, from the hospitality team to the artists themselves.

160 generators and 120 fuel tanks were provided by Wernick Power Solutions and there were technical support on-site including synchronisation of key assets to reduce risk of power outage by providing resilience across the event.

Support was provided throughout the whole festival with Wernick Events and Wernick Power Solutions having onsite staff to be readily available if they were needed.

For more information on Wernick Events click here. For more information on Wernick Power Solutions click here.

The office staff have exceptional knowledge of the product, stock and stock levels. On-site the communication is excellent both in advance of units arriving and when on-site to check positions before tipping. Sometimes there are tweaks that need to be made and these are always handled quickly and professionally and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Steve Porter
Production Site Manager