"Such a good deal, we couldn’t really refuse..."

Cornwall County Council

Storage Units Used as Exhibition Booths

We tend to think of designers, artists and inventors as people who ‘think outside the box’, but an exciting project in Cornwall is celebrating Cornish influenced innovation, ingenuity and creativity by putting it ‘in a box’ on display in fifteen locations around Cornwall. The displays are housed in highly decorated Wernick Hire secure storage units i.e., in large secure steel boxes. The event is called the Cornwall Design Season 2011, a festival of maverick thinking, making and doing.

Why use Wernick Hire secure storage ‘boxes’ to house the displays? Sasha Dobrota the creative economy officer for Cornwall County Council, explained. “We decided that we would hire shipping containers at first as they are a creative metaphor for our county, which is surrounded on three sides and thus strongly influenced by the sea. The Wernick Hire secure storage units are almost identical in appearance to shipping containers and their depot in St Austell gave us such a good deal we couldn’t really refuse. The package also included delivery.”

Wernick’s secure storage units are supplied in sizes from 3.0 to 12.0 metres in length and 2.4 to 3.0 metres in width and can be equipped with internal lighting, power points and shelving as optional extras. The iconic decoration to the outside of each steel storage unit is identical in theme, but different in colour and layout on each unit. The designs took a day to hand-paint on each unit. Amongst the fifteen venues where the exhibitions are sited are bike trails, beaches, National Trust properties and the world famous Eden Project.

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