Down to Earth the Health Meadow Project

Project name: Down to Earth project Llandough Hospital “The Health Meadow’’

Sector: Healthcare

Location: University Hospital Llandough, Cardiff

Client name: Down To Earth Project

Supplied by: Wernick Hire

Accommodation type: 32 GreenSpace® office & toilet tanks, steps

Size: 32 Office, 2 x 12 Toilet tanks and steps

Features: Office area, welfare, toilet tanks & steps, complete eco installation, external shutters


Down to Earth acquired a new sustainable development project at University Hospital Llandough. For an outdoor healthcare and rehabilitation facility based on 7 acres of woodland and meadow.

The ‘Our Health Meadow’ project will be designed around an edible landscape and will feature a landmark therapy centre built entirely from natural materials.

The creation of the project will be influenced and built by staff, patients, and the wider community over the next two years, between June 2021 and June 2023.

As a result, the client required a large office and welfare space with toilet facilities. The accommodation will cater to the needs of office and onsite staff, as well as participants of the project.


Having a previous working relationship with Down to Earth, Wernick Hire provided a durable, environmentally friendly solution that matched the client’s needs.

The high-quality Greenspace® cabin will provide ample office space, welfare space and hygiene facilities.

In addition, Wernick Hire has also provided the project with toilet tanks and steps on the outskirts of the site. The following resources will ensure participants and visitors needs are met whilst attending the project.

Down to Earth is a non-profit distribution, Social Enterprise that applies a green infrastructure throughout its development. Therefore, a sustainable temporary accommodation was paramount, and our GreenSpace® unit was the perfect solution.

For the duration of the hire, the energy usage will be monitored to fit in line with Down to Earth’s sustainability goals.

Client feedback

Seb Haley, Project Manager: “Wernick Hire were very responsive throughout. We have worked with Wernick Hire previously on different projects and have been impressed with the high-quality Eco products they have been able to deliver.”


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