"Everyone is very happy here..."

Clyro Court School

Clyro Court School Amazed at Modular Solution from Wernick Hire

“When we heard we would be in demountable classrooms, we were very sceptical. We didn’t have high expectations in the slightest!” For Head teacher Sarah Groves, temporary accommodation was a necessary evil while Clyro Church in Wales Primary School was undergoing construction work. As part of the 7 Councils Project for Powys Council, Wilmott Dixon was demolishing the old school building to make way for a brand new facility. While the new school was being built temporary accommodation was a must.

Wernick Hire was chosen to provide the temporary classrooms thanks to their positive relationship with Powys Council, having completed several projects in the area with great results. Using their new PMflex, highly flexible modular system the Hire team provided 2 double classrooms with kitchen facilities, a nursery room, offices and a school hall.

Although Clyro School’s teachers weren’t looking forward to their PMflex classrooms, the install team were very happy to see the units arrive on site. Site Manager Tom Wescott told us; “This was my first time installing PMflex classrooms and I was not disappointed. My crew on site found the modules much quicker and easier to install that a normal modular system.”

While the install might have been simple, the groundworks had presented Tom and his team with a little more trouble. “We were basically given a field in the grounds of Baskerville Hall and told we had 10 weeks to make it into a School. Clyro School was my first major project since I completed the Site Managers Safety Training Scheme with Wernick, and I was determined it would be a success.”

In order to ready the site for the School, the Wernick Team buried a 20,000 litre waste tank to service the building. At a fall, the excavation for the tank was almost 4 meters deep. In order to get the cranes on site for installation, the team had to lay trackway over the field to create a suitable surface for driving over. When the buildings were installed, in a horseshoe configuration, the Hire team created a playground for the School’s pupils with tarmac and AstroTurf.

While the Wernick Install Team were impressed with the PMflex system; what did the staff and pupils at Clyro School make of their temporary classrooms?  Head teacher Sarah admits she was pleasantly surprised; “everyone – children, staff, governors and parents, have been amazed at how light, airy and spacious the classrooms are. They are new, clean and modern which we have not been used to and everyone is very happy here. We won’t want to move back to our new School!”

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