GreenSpace Used in Construction of £80million Train Depot

Since the release of the Infrastructure Carbon Review in November 2013, the topics of climate change, energy, and emissions has become even more important to the construction industry. However, any method for reducing energy waste is only as good as it is simple to implement.

When VolkerFitzpatrick needed accommodation for their site in Stoke Gifford they wanted an energy efficient solution that was practical and comfortable. Thanks to the GreenSpace range of products, Wernick Hire was able to provide exactly that. Workers now occupy a two storey block made up of 32 bays that is packed with energy saving features that make being green hassle-free. “We chose Wernick Hire as they were the most cost effective company that could cater to our environmental needs, and we are all happy with the accommodation they provided,” commented Site Manager Nico Wessels.

Windows, double glazed and fitted with anti-vandal measures, provide ample light to the kitchen, meeting rooms and large open plan office of the upper floor. Automatic door closers, controlled heating systems, and increased insulation also feature in the welfare and canteen facilities on the ground floor to ensure a comfortable work environment with lower energy costs.

Even the inclement weather was turned to the site’s advantage; while culverts were being dug to prevent flooding on the line, a rainwater harvester was providing the block with water for plumbing its toilet facilities. These features have been complimented by the contractor’s own additions such as recycling bins, and a series of generators calibrated to use the minimum amount of energy required depending on demand.

VolkerFitzpatrick has an existing reputation for being green at every level. Their head office in Hoddesdon, for example, is oriented to maximise the amount of natural light getting to the employee workstations. On the other end of the scale they were one of the first contractors in the UK to use zero emission hydrogen fuelled lighting; a change that is substantially better for the environment than standard lighting, but has no impact on the smooth running of the site. The company has won numerous environmental awards, including the Considerate Constructors Scheme Longevity Award for continued commitment to reducing the impact of construction on the surrounding area.

The project at Stoke Gifford, an £80million state of the art train depot, is due to be completed in 2016. Until then nearby residents can rest assured that VolkerFitzpatrick has found, in Wernick Hire’s GreenSpace range, an easy way to keep construction green.


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