Siemens National Grid Viking Link Project

Project name: Siemens National Grid Viking Link Project

Sector: Construction

Location: Bicker Fenn Lincolnshire

Client name: Siemens Energy

Supplied by: Wernick Hire

Accommodation type: PMflex Modular Buildings

Size: Phase 1 building: Two-storey 9 x 9 module building, Phase 2 building: Two-storey 24 x 24 module building

Features: Viewing platform, Canteen, toilets, drying room, showers, office space, meeting rooms.


National Grid’s Viking Link has started construction on its UK converter station at Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire with Siemens Energy.

Representing a significant step in the UK’s journey to net-zero, Siemens Energy, the lead contractor for the 1400-megawatt interconnector, will supply the technology to enable the direct sharing of clean electricity between Britain and Denmark for the very first time.

As a result, the client required a large canteen area, ample office space and showering facilities to ensure social distancing measures were adhered to for the duration of the site’s construction. The design also facilitated bubble management of six separate working groups if required during Covid.

In addition, it was imperative that the accommodation for the site was durable for the industrial conditions of the project.


Through their pre-existing successful working relationship with Siemen’s, Wernick Hire were chosen for delivery of the quality temporary facilities required.

Due to an abundance of people working on the development, following government and industry guidelines for Covid-19 management was paramount.

The dependable building features a variety of facilities. Additionally, a bespoke viewing platform was requested which let staff see the progress of the site.

Wernick were efficient and delivered the project rapidly despite the weather conditions on delivery of phase two of the project.

Client feedback

Scott Wilson Head of Accounting Siemens Energy commented: “Wernick Hire were able to provide the required high-quality accommodation rapidly whilst providing excellent customer service throughout the installation of the project”


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