BAM Keble College Oxford

Wernick Hire Provide Unique Welfare Solution for Keble College Project

Space is at a premium for BAM on their project at Oxford University’s Keble College, which has been valued at around £50 million. Aside from creating a new college building, the project features extensive demolition of existing buildings, as well as digging out a basement that spans almost the entire site. All of which meant that when it came to finding somewhere to locate their on-site welfare, BAM faced a problem.

The solution they proposed was a complex of site cabins, stacked three storeys high, but to fit in the limited space, these would need to be oriented end-to-end instead of side by side.

Originally BAM sought to create this unusual set up using their own site accommodation. However, the unusual stacking required for the units would leave them greatly exposed to the wind, and calculations suggested a specialist set up would be required. Wernick Hire was chosen to provide the solution thanks to their excellent working relationship with BAM.

Wernick Hire provided a series of 32ft Fire Rated units aligned end to end and stacked to a height of 3 storeys. In order for the slim, tall structure to withstand buffeting by the wind, specialised cabins with additional bracings were created, and the units were installed with extra floor and connection fixings.

The finished complex comprised of canteen and toilet facilities on the ground floor, offices on the second floor and changing/drying rooms and a meeting room on the third floor.

So what did BAM think of their unique welfare set up? Senior Site Supervisor, Martin Sandall told us;

“The cabins are brand new and well finished. Wernick were very accommodating throughout the project. Wernick Hire’s Depot Manager Mark Jackson provided a great service, visiting the site on several occasions through the process and ensuring the team’s requirements were listened to.”