ISS Group

Wernick Hire Provide Instant Offices for ISS Group

Wernick Hire’s PMflex system is the ideal solution for companies who require high quality office space in a hurry. That’s exactly what ISS Technical Services discovered when they used Wernick Hire to fulfil a clients’ need for increased accommodation for an influx of office workers.

ISS’s client, a large banking business, had previously used Wernick Hire for a successful office extension in Liverpool, and nominated Hire for the new project. The new building was to facilitate the expansion of a technical support hub, adding 250 desks to the existing office space.

A high quality, visually appealing space was required, making Wernick Hire’s PMflex modular system the right match for the job. The Hire team provided 32 modular bays in total, split into 2 buildings of 8 on 8 with internal staircases. The buildings were linked together to provide ease of access across the offices.

When it came to installation, the Hire team were faced with a challenge; a very large tree stood outside the offices which could not be disturbed by the on-site crew. In order to protect the root system, steel girders were welded together to create a cantilever support that would prevent damage during the install.

The completed buildings contained large open plan offices along with toilets and a spacious kitchen area.  The client had a clear vision for their building, and wanted a bright, dynamic space that their staff would enjoy working in. This was achieved with an upgraded kitchen, high quality boxed in bathroom facilities and splashes of orange and yellow through the building’s interior to add colour and vibrancy.

David Neville, Head of Projects for ISS Technical Services told us; “There were a few challenges along the way, but we were supported by the Wernick Hire team whenever we faced them. We are happy with the completed offices provided; the PMflex product is very good.”

All the buildings in the technical hub are named after computer scientists and the new offices are no exception!  The building has been christened the Wilson building, after Sophie Wilson, who co-designed the ARM processor core, which is used in thousands of different products, from mobile phones and tablets to digital televisions and video games.