Highland Wildcats


During their time in the National League, the Highland Wildcats have won 5 Scottish Championships, 1 UK Flag Football Championship, a Youth UK Championship and have been Britbowl Champions three times. If you don’t know who the Wildcats are, the chances are you don’t follow American Football played in Britain

The Highland Wildcats is the brand of the Inverness Blitz Academy of American Football which was first established in 1999. Since then, Inverness Blitz has run programmes in schools and gained charity status through its aim to increase public participation in sport, and improve community spirit through American Football. The Wildcats have two teams with ages ranging from 14-17 years in the Youth team and 16-19 in the Junior team.

When the Wildcats needed new headquarters, they approached Wernick Refurbished Buildings to provide a solution that would be quick and cost effective, which is exactly what Wernick were able to provide. After only 3 days on site the Wildcats had their new accommodation, a 3 bay modular building including a reception area, meeting room, office, changing room and storage areas.

The interior was fitted by the Wildcats to give the building the authentic American Football feel, finished off by the Wildcats logo on the external wall. The building is situated at Bught Park, where the Wildcats play all their home games, a convenient distance from their training ground, ‘The Blitz’.