Wernick Events Help Flying Hire Light Up LAMMA

LAMMA is the largest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show in the UK. Started in the 1980’s in Lincolnshire, the Lincolnshire Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association quickly grew beyond all recognition, and now attracts over 40,000 attendees to visit over 900 exhibitors.

Exhibitors occupy an estimated 1.5 million square feet of exhibition space, and Flying Hire Limited were the company given the daunting task of providing generators and lighting for every square foot. An operation of this size would require staff being able to reside on site to meet deadlines. This would entail not only sleeping accommodation, but canteens and dining space.

For this accommodation, Flying Hire knew who to look to. Having first used Wernick Events two years ago, the two companies have been in a productive business relationship ever since. “We like using Wernick Events,” commented James Parker, Logistics Manager for Flying Hire, “because they have a good understanding of how the events sector works and understand how important delivery schedules are.”

The importance of delivery schedules only increases as more parties become involved. As Wernick were supplying not to the show but to another supplier, any delays could have disastrous knock-on effects. Thankfully, the position of some of the units actually made the installation simpler, as several of them were placed in a large barn on site. This meant the units could be simply driven in on forklifts, a luxury not often afforded for outdoor events. Through Flying Hire, Wernick also provided the ticket booths for the show, which were installed at the same time as the staff accommodation, which occurred over a period of just two days.

“The project at LAMMA is an excellent example of how straightforward it can be to get great results when suppliers and clients have such a good working relationship,” commented Brodie Shanks, Depot Manager for Wernick Events. “It’s extremely rewarding to know that Flying Hire understand they can depend on us to deliver the products and services they require on the timescale they need.”