David Wilson Homes: Stannylands


David Wilson Homes, a client in the construction sector, faced a challenge at their Stannylands New Build project in Wilmslow. The client required 24/7 power with reduced fuel consumption and silent running hours after 6pm till 7am. This presented a specific demand for a reliable and sustainable power solution in a prestigious housing development.

  • Project name: Stannylands New Build
  • Sector: Construction
  • Location: Wilmslow
  • Client name: David Wilson Homes
  • Supplied by: Wernick Power Solutions
  • Solution provided: 60kVA & 45kw Battery
  • Features: Reduced fuel consumption, Reduced Co2 emissions, Silent running hours in a prestigious housing development.


David Wilson Homes had been trading already with Wernick Hire for many years. Due to a successful relationship with the company and the comprehensive site survey that was completed, they decided to work with Wernick for a Solution. The challenge was addressed by proposing a 60kVA & 45kW Hybrid Application.

What Wernick delivered not only met the requirement for continuous power but also incorporated features such as reduced fuel consumption, decreased Co2 emissions, and silent running hours during the specified time frame. The hybrid application provided a sustainable and efficient power solution for the construction site.


The project’s success is reflected in the Savings Report, which outlines significant benefits. Over the 105-day hire period, the 60kVA & 45kW Hybrid Application led to total savings of £4,569, avoiding 17,963 kg of Co2 emissions.

Additional savings included:

  • 7,066 liters of fuel
  • 2,060 silent hours
  • 83% silent running efficiency

Very simple and efficient set up. The remote controlling from the depot was fantastic to make changes to the timings without incurring engineering call-out costs.

Danny McCarthy
Site Manager