"Efficient in use and easy to keep medically clean.”

Hayes Cottage Hospital

Wernick Cures Hammersmith Hospital’s Need for a New Dialysis Unit

With a redundant building available that was prime for redevelopment, John Fordham’s nursing home at the former Hayes Cottage Hospital seemed the perfect site to house a new satellite renal dialysis unit for Hammersmith Hospital’s renal department.

Agreeing to a proposal that would see the NHS renting the unit and providing all the medical staff, the Fordham family decided the project should be put in the hands of Wernick, after John and the Hammersmith team visited two other renal units they had built.

As well as complying with the requirements of the local council’s conservation department, the new modular building also had to meet strict NHS guidelines and fit John’s vision of a modern open-plan, user-friendly facility. To do this, Wernick set to work on 37 factory-built modules that together would form an 829 square metre, two-storey, 24 station dialysis unit.

In terms of time, all the sections were delivered and craned into position in only 4 days, with fitting out taking just 8 weeks. Being factory-built, the sections guaranteed a consistently high standard of finish, with modular building being faster and cleaner on site than traditional techniques. The method also causes less disruption to a client’s on-going business; in this case the nursing home.

The Fordham’s and the NHS Trust were very happy with the way Wernick Buildings handled the whole project, with John describing the building as, “Brilliant; the internal finish is vitally important in this environment and Wernick have achieved a look that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient in use and easy to keep medically clean.”


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