Stansfield Centre

Specialist Construction for a Specialist School

The specialist school provides education for pupils who have difficulty integrating in mainstream schools. Students that have been excluded, are at risk of exclusion, or have serious health problems preventing them attending other schools, are welcomed to further their education.

Due to the sensitivity of the students that attend the Stansfield Centre classes tend to be small, which enables one-on-one learning to give the students the attention they need to progress. Currently there area round 35 members of staff that work with up to 55 pupils.

Julia Jordan the Senior Administrator of the school commented: “Our preconceived idea of this kind of building was flimsy and noisy but the new building is the complete opposite. We are impressed with the sound proofing of the building which is important with these children, as any disturbance can cause an unwanted disruption.”

The new facility accommodates key stages 1- 4, accepting children from year one to year eleven, with ages from 4 to 16 years. Internally, it houses a canteen area, two communal social areas, fitness room and purpose built sports hall built by Wernick Buildings. Outside there is a separate workshop, MUGA and outdoor playing ground. The building is state of the art with specialist fob-lock doors, full technology and science areas. The exterior features a unique sinusoidal cladding to fit the industrial surrounding area.

Julia went on to say, “The school has a nice big gymnasium area and fitness room which is used by students and staff, as well as outside organisations such as the Special Olympics Club who also use the kitchen and hall.The canteen and communal areas have been a big hit with the children as they are great spaces.”

The Stansfield Centre initially had building plans for new facilities around two years ago from Devon County Council, who also made the decision to use a modular development. The building had the go-ahead twelve months ago and Wernick Buildings delivered the building over the summer. When asked about the project Julia commented: “It was a very quick installation, we couldn’t believe the building was up over the summer. I would recommend Wernick Buildings to other schools. Our (Wernick) representative has been very good to us, visiting us often and dealing promptly with our requests concerning the building.”



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