"We were happy to work with Wernick again."

John Taylor High School

A Quality Building, Delivered On Time and On Budget

John Taylor High School has been an Ofsted rated ‘outstanding’ school for many years, so when a number of housing developments began appearing nearby, they knew they could expect an increase in pupil numbers. However, as the school is already oversubscribed, they knew they would need some new facilities quickly to cope with the upcoming demand. They wanted to expand their facilities with a brand new two storey block containing four classrooms.  “We used a competitive tendering process, commented Barbara Mahoney, School Business Director “Wernick Buildings was awarded the project on cost, quality and deliverability, and we were really happy to work with them for a second time.”

The school had previous experience working with Wernick Buildings in the form of a six classroom single storey block.  Barbara told us  “Wernick has a solid reputation and as a long established company, we knew they would be able to ensure this second project was completed to a high standard.”

From manufacture to completion, the project took just 14 weeks, with most of the work on site completed during the summer closure period. Demolition works were needed to remove an existing garage and workshop. Despite this, the school suffered minimal disruption to its normal operations.  “When the hoarding came down, it felt like the building had always been there,” commented Assistant Principal Graham Howell.

The block is fitted with climate control and fire and security systems, and the classrooms feature projectors and innovative ‘iWalls’. The external finish is a modern looking combination of wood cladding and render, completed with a brick skirt. The building is situated close to the school sports hall and therefore, convenient for the PE theory lessons that will take place in two of the classrooms, with the other two used as general teaching spaces.

 “We received a quality building that was delivered on time and on budget.” Barbara told us. “You can’t really ask for more than that.”


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