Betws Primary School

Rising from the Ashes in Just 7 Weeks

In June 2012, Betws Primary school was subject to the unfortunate event of an accidental fire caused by a faulty table fan. Luckily there were no injuries to any staff members or pupils but the damage to the building was catastrophic and the school was in desperate need of a quality replacement building.

Wernick Buildings were tasked with providing accommodation which met the requirements of the school with a deadline of just 8 weeks. Once an order was received Wernick miraculously finished the whole job from manufacture to installation in an incredible 7 ½ weeks with the whole process being carried out during the first weeks of the school term.

The completion of the project in such a quick turnaround was even more impressive due to the obstacles overcome such as the horrendous rainy weather conditions and the need to drain land at the centre of the site where a pond had resided.

Included in the project were 7 buildings consisting of store rooms, a hall, admin building and IT room, 3 double classrooms, a kitchen area and secure storage for maintenance. Wernick also carried out all necessary foundation work within the time frame.

The project manager for the children’s directorate said they were: “Very satisfied with the professionalism and commitment demonstrated by the entire Wernick team, which has continued post contract. The school is a central hub of the community. It was imperative therefore that replacement accommodation was put in place as swiftly as possible to maintain community spirit and moral and secure continuity of education for the children. Wernick successfully assisted in delivering these aims.”



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