Kier Construction Research & Development project at Swansea University

Project Name: Kier Construction research & development project at Swansea University

Sector: Construction

Location: Bay campus, Swansea

Client Name: Kier Construction

Supplied by: Wernick Hire

Accommodation Type: Two storey AVflex® building, Two storey Green Space building

Internal Features: Office Space, drying room, Canteen, dual flush cisterns, timed panel heaters, full eco insulation, Led lighting

External features: High security steel, Temporary pad foundations


In September 2020 Kier Construction won a contract to build a new research and development centre at Swansea University Bay Campus.

The facility will be uniquely placed to deliver economic and social benefits to the South Wales region. Office and welfare space for both onsite and office staff was required

It was imperative that the temporary accommodation provided would support social distancing measures. As a result, the client required a large canteen along with spacious offices to support the development.


Having a long term working relationship with Kier Construction, Wernick Hire provided an economical, efficient solution that matched the client’s needs.

The high-quality AVflex® building consisted of 6 bays that provided open canteen space and additional offices. The extra space ensured Covid-19 regulations were met.

In addition, Wernick Hire provided Kier Construction with a two storey stacked GreenSpace cabin set up, which provided drying rooms, toilets, and office space.

Kier Construction is committed to a new decade of delivery for sustainable development and achieving Net Zero carbon. Wernick Hire Greenspace was selected due to the energy saving features the temporary accommodation could provide.

For the duration of the hire, Kier Construction will monitor their energy usage, ensuring that they are fit for purpose and compliant with Kier Group’s sustainability frameworks.

Client feedback

Thomas Bowcott Assistant Site Manager “Wernick Hire were able to provide us with the appropriate accommodation efficiently. The quality of the product we received was pristine, in addition to this the customer service we received from the Hire depo was excellent”.


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