"The speed at which the centre was erected was outstanding..."

Leighswood Children’s Centre

Doing it for the Kids in Leighswood

When you’re creating a building to be used mainly by children, it makes sense to design it with them in mind. This is the belief of Brenda Birch, who manages the Leighswood Children’s Centre in Walsall, supplied by Wernick Buildings.

By adding a host of child-focused features to the building, Brenda says they have succeeded in creating “…a warm, welcoming venue that allows our children to move comfortably from the Centre to the primary department of the school.”

As well as being child-friendly, the building is also designed to be kind to the environment with its shallow angle mono-pitched roof containing three solar panels providing hot water for the centre.

This is one of the reasons why Wernick were chosen to handle the project, with Carl Britton, the Children’s Centres & Extended Schools Development Manager for Education Walsall saying, “The development of these facilities is always required within very tight deadlines and I have found that modular construction gives us this quality and flexibility, as well as the opportunity to satisfy environmental issues in terms of sustainability.”

Continuing, Carl added, “As far as the Leighswood project was concerned, modular build gave me the time and cost factors that I required, as well as the flexibility to change the design of the building’s interior as it was being prepared in the factory.”

“The fact that Wernick have a local office in Walsall also helped tremendously in this respect. The speed at which the centre was erected was outstanding and presented the minimum disruption to the adjacent primary school.”

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