Brighton University


The client, Bouygues UK, were awarded a contract to deliver new student accommodation on the Moulsecoomb campus at the University of Brighton.

The project consists of five blocks, varying between 8 and 18 storeys and the programme will last three years.

Accommodation for hundreds of operatives, sub-contractors and managers was required on a tight site at the top of a steep incline.

A main road, protected tree on the site and a public foot path, which had to remain open, added further challenges to delivering and installing accommodation.

  • Project name: University of Brighton Construction Site
  • Sector: Construction
  • Location: University of Brighton, East Sussex
  • Client name: Bouygues UK
  • Supplied by: Wernick Hire
  • Accommodation type: Four-storey PMflex® modular building
  • Size: 20 modules
  • Features: Canteens, offices, drying rooms, relocated toilets, meeting rooms


Wernick Hire supplied a three storey PMflex® building to the site, adding a fourth storey a couple of months later. They were the only company approached who could provide a four-storey solution that was cost effective and could be adapted to suit the client’s needs.

Wernick were transparent in providing building specifications, drawings and quotes – details which the client valued during the decision-making process.

Installation of the building took place around peak traffic hours to avoid unnecessary disruption to a nearby main road and the public foot path remained in operation.

The building’s interior was configured to provide two storeys of office and meeting space and two storeys of welfare provision for operatives. Extra strengthening was added to the building to allow for the extra floor and to relocate toilets to the client’s preferred location.

Despite a changing schedule and logistical challenges, the building was delivered on time with minimum disruption to University life and the surrounding area.

Wernick have been keen to work with us to find solutions and make the installation of the building as straightforward as possible.

Clement Favreau
Plant & Equipment Engineer at Bouygues UK