Bellway Homes – The Academy


Bellway Homes, engaged in The Academy project in Lostock’s construction sector, faced the need for continuous 24/7 power on a section of their site. With a focus on meeting net-zero targets and ensuring cleaner air for staff, they sought a solution with lower emissions and uninterrupted power. Wernick Power Solutions was approached after Bellway Homes visited one of our open days at our Widnes depot, where they were impressed by our offerings.

  • Project name: The Academy
  • Sector: Construction
  • Location: Lostock
  • Client name: Bellway Homes
  • Solution provided: 60kVA & 45kW battery
  • Features: Hybrid power application, reduced fuel consumption, reduced Co2 emissions, silent running hours in a housing development


Addressing Bellway Homes’ challenge, Wernick Power Solutions tailored a solution to their needs. The proposed 60kVA & 45kW battery hybrid application provided continuous power, reduced fuel consumption, lower Co2 emissions, and silent running hours within the housing development. This hybrid power solution perfectly matched the client’s goals of sustainability and efficiency.


The project with Bellway Homes was a resounding success. The 60kVA & 45kW battery hybrid application designed by Wernick Power Solutions delivered 24/7 power to the site, yielding significant savings totaling £1,757 and avoiding 4,977 kg of Co2 emissions. Additional benefits included saving 1,956 liters of fuel, 288 silent hours, and achieving a 67% silent running efficiency.