Aylesford School


Routine building upgrades at Aylesford School unearthed an unexpected presence of asbestos. Simultaneously, an investigation into RAAC led to the closure of half the school, resulting in the loss of crucial office space and up to 30 classrooms. 

The situation demanded urgent action, and the Department for Education (DfE) stepped in to navigate a complex and time-sensitive procurement process to secure temporary classrooms. 

  • Project name: Aylesford School
  • Sector: Education
  • Location: Warwick, England
  • Supplied by: Wernick Hire
  • Accommodation type: Standard one-story PMflex
  • Size: 11 double classrooms, 55 modules, 2 toilet blocks


Wernick Hire was selected as the DfE’s recommendation for temporary classrooms. 

Within an ambitious three-month period, Wernick delivered 11 double classrooms, totaling 55 modules. Two toilet blocks were also provided by Wernick Events. Overcoming challenges like working on an operational school site, site restrictions, and surveying a critical on-site culvert, the Wernick team showcased unmatched efficiency. 

The quality of the accommodation surpassed expectations, featuring spacious, well-provisioned rooms with safety measures such as fire alarms, fire ratings, and electrical trip switches. The classrooms, equipped with deeper windows, ICT interactive whiteboards, and carpet finishes, created an optimal learning environment. 

The Wernick team’s commitment and effective collaboration were pivotal. The site manager ensured open communication, promptly addressing queries, while construction staff exhibited reliability and a deep understanding of the school’s needs. 

Upon unveiling, both staff and pupils were impressed by the clean and vibrant design, creating a village-like atmosphere. The positive first impressions extended to the functionality of the classrooms, which may make it challenging for some staff to return to their original rooms.

Aylesford School confidently recommends Wernick Hire to other educational institutions, affirming their ability to deliver excellence within tight schedules and challenging circumstances. This case study underscores Wernick Hire’s proficiency in providing innovative solutions, ensuring quality, and understanding the unique requirements of educational infrastructure projects.

Taking into account the quality of the installation and the timescale, we would definitely recommend Wernick to other schools.

Mark Smith
Senior Site and Compliance Officer, Aylesford School