Kai Hardcastle interview

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Trainee Yard Operative

Wernick Hire interview with Trainee Yard Operative

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Describe the work you carry out at Wernick.

We renovate the cabins and prep them for them to be hired out again. If the walls are damaged or dirty, we’ll clean them or change the boards. We will fix any leaks in the plumbing or fit new units. After we have completed the inside, we will respray the outside of the cabins so it’s like they’re brand new.

Why did you choose the Trainee Yard Operative Programme?

I chose the Trainee Yard Operative Programme because I wanted to learn new skills and how to use equipment properly. This programme has put me on many courses to help me on my journey and improve my skills further. I have even referred people to join the programme, I’ve described the work we do and they all seem interested and want to join.

Has there been a point where you’ve had to overcome any obstacles?

Every day you come up against obstacles but you have a great team behind you that help you fix them and make sure everything is done right. If you’re struggling with anything, you’ve got a knowledgeable team and they will come over and help you get the issue resolved.

Image of employee working in the yard

Do you think there’s a team culture within Wernick?

Yes, everybody gets along with each other. We can all have a laugh, we all have our separate lives but everyone comes together to work and we have built a great team. Everyone is really friendly so if you’re struggling someone will come over and show you how to get the job done.

What do you love most about your job?

I love coming to work and learning new skills and how to use equipment properly. I’ve been on electric and plumbing courses, I’ve learnt how to drive a forklift and it’s all good experience. It’s also a good feeling when you’re out and about and you see one of the cabins you’ve worked on, and you know how good of a standard it is.

Do you feel like your ideas are heard?

All the time, you’re in a good environment and we have a suggestion box in the factory. You can also go speak to senior members of staff and they will sit down with you and get the issue resolved.

Does Wernick offer job security?

Yes, I’ve met a few people here who have been here for 10 to 12 years, and they are all happy so it’s a really good opportunity to get into a job.

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