Joseph Harper interview

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Wernick Hire interview with Trainee Yard Operative

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What work do you carry out at Wernick?

We do general preparations for cabins, when they come in, we jet wash them and sand down the paintwork. Then they are moved into the main warehouse for the interior works where we put up new walls and fit any sinks or toilets that need fitting. After the cabins have been repaired, we put the signs and stickers back on and put them in front of the yard ready for clients.

Why did you choose the Trainee Yard Operative Programme?

It’s something new, you get put on useful courses like the forklift course, electrician courses, welding course and groundhogs. You learn new skills that you can keep hold of for the future and use to progress further with Wernick.

Has there been a point where you had to overcome any obstacles or problems?

We face obstacles all the time, when a cabin comes back which isn’t up to speck, or walls need moving and different rooms need putting up you have to work around that and try to resolve the issue. But if you need help with anything, you can always ask one of the lads and they will give you a hand or advice on how to do something properly.

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Is it easy to talk to senior members of staff?

Yes, my manager and the foreman will help you out with anything, if you need just general advice or PPE equipment, they will sort that for you.

What do you love most about your job?

I enjoy coming to work and learning new skills and meeting new people. I get put on different courses and experience new things. For three years before working here I did joinery work but now I put up walls and woodwork, so I have improved my own skills and am continuously learning. We all have a good laugh here, it’s a great atmosphere as everyone gets on. Enjoying yourself and what you do makes a big difference as I always look forward to coming to work.

Do you feel like your ideas are heard?

Yes, there’s a suggestion box in the warehouse so if you have any ideas or questions, you can put them in there and it goes to our manager or the foreman to read.

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