Kasia Nowak – Design Manager

Kasia recently took the lead on the design of the Wernick Group’s new £3 million head office at Wickford.

Kasia's interview

What qualification did you undertake? Would you have undertaken the qualification without any support?

I’m currently undertaking the Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture, a Part 3 RIBA qualification. Doing this course has been a long term goal for me, so yes I would have done the course, but without Wernick’s help it would have taken a lot longer.

How has that helped you perform your role? Did your work at Wernick help you on the course?

The course looks at a wide range of things, much more than just design. Building Regulations, Health and Safety and Contract Management are all covered, as well as the business side of running an architectural practise. I studied for my Master’s degree in Architecture in Poland, and while the principles are the same, there are important differences between construction in Poland and construction in the UK, so the information I got on my course really helped me adjust to how the industry operates here.

Similarly, I think working at Wernick has given me a better understanding of the practical and cost implications of design decisions. Between my work and the course, I’ve got a much better commercial understanding, which helps me work more effectively with clients and colleagues.

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How do you think it will help your career?

This is a big milestone in my career. ‘Architect’ is a protected title, like ‘Doctor’ – you have to have a qualification and be registered with the Architects Registration Board to legally use the title. As soon as I pass my part 3 examination I’ll be a member of RIBA and an ARB registered Architect.

Modular construction is often seen as being very production focused, so I think me being able to provide an architectural point of view will be a big asset to the Company. With offsite construction becoming increasingly common in the UK, I believe that the combination of my architectural knowledge and my experience in modular will leave me well placed for career progress.

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