Joe Duxbury interview

"No where else out there offers the same opportunities and training that Wernick do."

Image of employee in factory

What is your job title and what does the role entail?

I am a Graduate Management Trainee. This involves learning all aspects of the business with the aim that on the completion of my two year graduate programme I will be a Depot Manager. I started working as a hire controller at Eggborough  for a 10month peroid. I was also tasked by the Deputy Managing Director to work on a project with him throughout my programme. I was then moved to Banbury to assist as Acting Depot Manager. I am currently based at Leeds assisting with depot operations as well as numerous other projects.”

Why did you choose the Wernick Graduate scheme?

A fast track role into management in the industry I had trained in was perfect for me. Nowhere else out there offers the same opportunities and training that Wernick do; like being put in such close and regular contact with a deputy director. I think the two year programme is a great way to learn about the company and the industry before being put into a senior position.

During my time in the company I’ve grown to really enjoy the challenges associated with the modular and portable industry. I’m a little bit obsessed now as on my time off I seem to notice cabins on sites and think how much is that worth and why isn’t that a Wernick cabin?

What do you enjoy about working for Wernick as a company?

The constant challenge of new tasks; honestly no two days are the same. I feel like over the 16 months I’ve been here I’ve developed a really strong understanding of how the company works and what is involved with being a depot manager. I have learnt about P and L’s, accounts, staff management, and operation management. So when I become a Depot Manager, I’ll have all the knowledge I need to be successful. It’s a fast paced environment that encourages you to push yourself and achieve the best you can.

Would you recommend the Wernick Graduate Scheme to other people? Why?

Definitely!  You will never get bored as there will always be new challenges and new information you will need to learn to improve. This is one of the quickest ways I know that you can become a manager in the construction industry. It’s fantastic that throughout the two year programme, you are constantly in touch with the Deputy Managing Directors. I have had the fantastic opportunity to work under Darren Brown, who ensured I have plenty of meetings, catch ups and calls to monitor my progress and provide assistance when I need it.

I have not heard of another company where a Graduate Trainee would be able to be in constant communication with a Director of the Company like that. I was also lucky enough to work under Jonathan Wernick while in Banbury. Jonathan was instrumental in me being able to perform the duties of Acting Depot Manager and never made me feel bad for the numerous silly questions I must have asked him.

The whole management team are really welcoming and supportive, and are really invested in helping you get ready to take on Depot Management at the end of the scheme.