Liam Grantham – Trainee Contracts Manager

Liam Grantham has achieved a First-Class Honours degree in BSc (Hons) Construction Management at the Anglia Ruskin University.

What qualification did you undertake? Would you have undertaken the qualification without any support? 

I applied for a job in Wernick in July 2015, part of the role included a sponsored course which was one of the main perks about working with Wernick. I ended up starting my job with Wernick in August and then enrolled in the Construction Management course in September. So, I was working in the office or out onsite for four days a week and had a one-day release per week to attend my University lectures.

I wouldn’t have undertaken the qualification without Wernick. Before I applied for the job, I wasn’t really thinking about attending University but the fact that Wernick was willing to sponsor the course was a huge benefit.

How has that helped you perform your role? Did your work at Wernick help you on the course?

Through the course I have been able to gain more knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, I have been able to learn about more than one element of construction. For example, I would study anything from the commercial aspects of construction to advanced construction technology. It has been really beneficial as it offered me a broad range of information that I can use throughout my career.

In terms of the site side of things, my work in Wernick definitely helped me with the course. For instance, while topics such as health and safety legislation were new to some of my peers on the course, I was using this information daily in Wernick. I was also able to ask my colleagues questions which helped, especially when it came to my dissertation. Even Company Directors provided time to give me a professional and experienced perspective.

How do you think it will help your career?

I think the course will help my career massively. The course is widely recognised and has opened doors to two of the big bodies in construction. It also enhances the opportunities available to me in Wernick. Networking is also a huge benefit of the course; I met some great people, all of whom work within this sector.