"I want to develop in my career and I’m willing to put the effort in to progress."

Kraig Jones – Estimator

Kraig was the first member of staff to undertake the Professional Accreditation scheme, and has recently been promoted from Trainee to Estimator.

 What qualification did you undertake? Would you have undertaken the qualification without any support?

Wernick supported me through my HNC in Construction and the Built Environment which I completed last year. I’m now a CIOB applicant, and I’m pursuing full membership via the Professional development programme.

I think it would have been difficult to gain the HNC without any support. I might have been able to manage the course fees, but without Wernick allowing me the time to attend classes and seminars I think I would have struggled to complete the course.


How has that helped you perform your role? Did your work at Wernick help you on the course?

I didn’t have a construction background when I joined Wernick, so before the HNC everything I knew I’d learned on the job. The support I had from my colleagues was great, but it needed to be quite focussed on estimating without going too much into the bigger picture. The HNC gave me a more academic grounding in construction, and because it covers a broad range of topics it gave me a better understanding of how my role fit into the wider construction process.


How do you think it will help your career?

The HNC demonstrates I’ve got a good understanding of construction, which will be valuable in any role in the industry and in the short term I think it’s already contributed to my promotion from Trainee to Estimator. Wernick’s support also means I’m now in a position to gain an internationally recognised accreditation from the CIOB.

Beyond just learning more about the construction industry, I think getting these qualifications show I’m not just here for the 9 to 5, but that I want to develop in my career and I’m willing to put the effort in to progress.