Jamie Reed – Trainee Contracts Manager

Jamie has recently achieved a Distinction in the HNC Construction Level 2 course awarded by Plymouth University.

What qualification did you undertake? Would you have undertaken the qualification without any support?

I started off in Wernick as a Site Supervisor and after three years it came to a point where I wanted to progress within the business. I knew that I needed a credible qualification to do this and the HNC Construction course proved to be the right choice for me.

Wernick has supported me throughout the duration of the course which I have recently completed, without this support I definitely would not have undertaken the qualification. 

How has that helped you perform your role? Did your work at Wernick help you on the course?

The qualification has given me the experience and knowledge I need to advance within the company. As a Trainee Contracts Manager in Wernick, I was able to put what I learned from the course into practice.

I was working in the industry I was learning about which definitely gave me an advantage as some of my peers didn’t have the same opportunity. I also had first-hand knowledge regarding the benefits and methods of modular construction which I was able to utilise throughout the course. As I was working in Wernick, I also had access to the case studies we have and could use them throughout the course of my study.

How do you think it will help your career?

I have gained quite a bit through completing this course, things about the industry that I needed to know to fulfil my duties with Wernick.

I always had the mentality that I needed to work hard for two years, gain knowledge and understanding and come out with an academic qualification to support my job role within Wernick. I feel this has given me a good platform to start from if I ever consider furthering my education within the construction industry.