Michael Pimblott
"The reward is when you get that repeat business..."

Michael Pimblott – The Deputy Manager of Technical & Design Services

I Am the Deputy Manager of Technical Services and I Run the Design Department.

I started with Wernick Buildings at 19 as a trainee Technician and before long Wernick gave me the opportunity to study a 2 year part-time HND in Construction Technology and Management. After 5 years progressing in my career, unfortunately, I was made redundant thanks to the recession. I still worked closely with the business for 3 years after, working for a sub-contractor, and once a vacancy opened up at Wernick, I was welcomed back. I’ve now been here for 14 years on and off and I was recently promoted from a Technician’s role.

My role now involves overseeing modular building drawings produced by the designers, whilst running my own projects from a technical perspective. The drawings used in the tender process as well as the technical drawings used for procurement and planning in the factory are all produced from within my department.

I enjoy the variety – every day is different. I am speaking to all walks of life and managing a range of challenges every day. I need to quickly build a rapport with the customer, and I need to communicate effectively with staff from all departments within the company.

I’m sometimes speaking to clients for three or four months on a daily basis. You have some clients that want to talk about sports or world events before business, and some who keep it short – it’s about adapting to the client’s personality and needs. The reward is when you get that repeat business: the client coming back with another project and you pick up from where you left off.

The client or the end customer’s reaction to a finished project is one of the best parts of the job. My team isn’t on ‘ground level’ so good news can sometimes take a while to trickle back to us, but when it does, I’m immensely proud of how far I’ve come and what my team can achieve.

My colleagues are like family – I feel like I’m leaving one family at home, to come in to work with another. I’m often trying to get friends to apply to work at Wernick. I know that they would also feel like a part of the family and benefit from the progression and opportunities available here. I am hopefully just starting on my journey and I’m looking forward to the possibilities open to me in the future.

Michael Pimblott beachOutside of work:

I go to the beach as much as I can with my family – the beaches in South Wales are definitely worth exploring. We make the most of the warmer months and spend most of our weekends by the sea. The rest of the time I’m socialising with friends and I’m a big fan of F1: the Silverstone Circuit is an amazing day out.