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“There’s a place at Wernick for everyone…”

Marc Jones – Quality Assurance Coordinator at Wernick Buildings

I am the Quality Assurance Coordinator and I am responsible for the inspection of finished products and the administration of quality processes and procedures and their continual improvement.

I started with Wernick nearly 20 years ago. A friend of the family was the Factory Manager at the time, and he got me an interview. It wasn’t my intention to start working so early on – I’d gone to college to study an NVQ in Sport Science, but I left after badly injuring my knees playing rugby.

My first step into the working world started with a labouring job in the old Wernick factory in Neath. It was summer and we were extremely busy with school buildings. You could say it was a baptism of fire! But I enjoyed being thrown in at the deep end, I learn a lot in a short period of time.

From that role, I progressed to a Chargehand and then a Supervisor. After 18 years with the company, doing a job I enjoyed with a great bunch of people, I spotted a job advert on the company noticeboard. It was the role of Quality Assurance Coordinator. I thought about applying all evening when I got home and in the end I thought “why not?”

Five of my colleagues also interviewed for the position, but I was lucky enough to be selected. I never in a million years thought that I would be working in an office environment, especially after 18 years in the factory! Working my notice was a little odd and it was an emotional moment taking my tools home for the last time.

In my current role, I make sure I maintain a connection with the factory team. I keep up to date with what everyone is doing, and I want them to know that they can come to me for anything. When you work on the factory floor, it’s difficult to appreciate the work that goes into getting a project underway. I tell them “just because you don’t see us heaving boxes, it doesn’t mean we’re not working!”

I see myself as a small cog in a big wheel – part of a team working together towards a common goal. I’ve had some difficult times where I’ve felt the pressure of my role, but I know that Stuart’s (Wilkie, Wernick Buildings Manager Director) door is always open and I have a support network around me.

Wernick is proud to promote from within and it gives people like me that chance to progress through the ranks. Wernick has given me the platform to enjoy a good standard of living and there is a clear pathway to progress.

There’s a place at Wernick for everyone if you can listen and have a willingness to learn.

Marc Jones Our People DisneyOutside of work:

In my spare time, I still play rugby, but this will be my last season as my body doesn’t recover as well as it used to! I also enjoy playing golf and I’m a member of Neath golf club. Every year, my family and I visit Florida, it’s our haven.