'I'm always being challenged to step outside my comfort zone.'

Emma Paton – The Senior Contracts Manager

I’m the Senior Contracts Manager for the South West Region. My role is to oversee the management of construction projects; including all financial, health and safety, contractual and HR activities.

Clients will come to me with an idea for a plot of land and we take everything from there. We discuss budgets, needs and specifications, and work up designs between us. I see the project through to negotiating and planning; liaising with the client and our technical drawing team to get internal and external designs finalised. From there we get the order and we start building.

When onsite construction begins I’m responsible for liaising between the construction teams, the sub-contractors and the client to create a strong, workable Health and Safety Policy. If we are building an extension for a busy school, for example, I have to make sure that the teachers and pupils are safe, as well as my construction teams and sub-contractors.

It’s a lot of people management really; juggling the demands of everyone involved in the build, from the client to the construction team, and making sure that everyone is happy with the way things progress. Although it’s a demanding job, I really enjoy that my role means I can see a project through from a design on paper to handing over the keys to a completed building.

I’ve held my present role for 7 months, but have worked for Wernick for over 3 years. I was initially brought on board as a freelance Quantity Surveyor for the Stansfield Centre project, which was a huge, Β£3 million pound undertaking for Wernick. I was then employed on a permanent basis as the Divisional QS for the South West Region and finally promoted to Senior Contracts Manager in July of 2015.

My proudest achievement so far would have to be obtaining my first sales order. This project took nearly a year from initial discussions to the placement of the order, and despite a lot of challenges work has now commenced. It’s very exciting to see the old building demolished and hopefully soon a new Wernick building will be taking its place.

I enjoy my job here at Wernick because it’s always challenging me to step outside my comfort zone and learn something new. When you manage to master a new skill or task, it fills you with a real sense of achievement. Wernick is an excellent company in that regard, I have always felt supported and encouraged to learn more and progress.



When Emma’s not working she enjoys baking, although she admits she is some way from winning the Great British BakeΒ Off.Β  She also enjoys going to the gym and exploring the beautiful Devon countryside.