"I love seeing the things I’ve organised come together smoothly"

Claire Staniec – The Hire Controller

I work as a Hire Controller at Wernick Hire’s Avonmouth depot. 

My job involves dealing with the needs of customers who hire products from our depot and handling the paperwork and contractual matters that arise from the hiring of units; things like transport costs and pricing. I’m the person at the end of the phone if our clients ever have queries. It’s a job that focuses a lot on customer satisfaction.

As it’s a customer facing role, I’d be in a pretty bad way if I didn’t enjoy talking to our clients! Honestly, that is my favourite part of the job. I love talking to so many different people from so many different projects; it means you never know quite what you’re going to get when you pick up the phone!

It’s a really satisfying job for me, because I love seeing the things I’ve organised come together smoothly.  When I did my first hire of a 2 storey AVflex building, I organised the dismantle team, crane transport and units to be sheeted. When it came back to the depot after the job was completed I remember being really proud of myself for making all of it happen.

I started as an Office Junior in the Newport depot. Over a number of years I worked my way up to Hire Controller, and when the depot closed I moved to Neath to continue my role from there. I had been with the company 14 years when I left to have my first child.

claire-staniec-with-kidsI chose to leave, as I anticipated the travel to and from the depot being too challenging when looking after a baby. I intended to come back fairly soon, but after having my second child I chose to work part-time for a while, so I could spend as much time as possible with my children. After a gap of 6 years, I applied for a job at Wernick again, and was pleased to be welcomed back to a Hire Controller job in the Avonmouth Depot.  I came back in 2015, and recently celebrated my one year anniversary.

I noticed when I came back that a lot of people that I’d worked with before were still here. I think that shows pretty clearly that Wernick is a company people enjoy working for. Wernick is a family business and so they look after their staff. It’s a really friendly place to be where everyone is really helpful, so you can understand why people want to stay here long-term.

I would definitely recommend a job at Wernick to friends or family. It’s a great company to work for full of great people to work with. You can’t really ask for more than that!


In her spare time, Claire enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her two children.