Andrew Peacock – Technical Services Manager at Wernick Refurbished Buildings

"There’s nothing better than seeing a happy customer in a building that you worked so hard to transform."

Andrew’s interview

My job title is Technical Services Manager at Wernick Refurbished Buildings, and in my role I supervise all production and refurbishment that goes on in the factory.

There’s a lot of tasks involved in the role, from sourcing and ordering the materials we need to managing the foremen, shop floor staff and any sub-contractors on site. This might sound like I stand round with my arms folded all day but trust me; it’s very hands on and I’m still getting my hands dirty every day!

The great thing about working on the Refurbished side of the business is the variation between jobs. We’ve produced offices, classrooms, gyms, and lots more besides, but it isn’t just the finished article that varies. Because we work on cabins and modular buildings from lots of different manufacturers, the products we start with can be very different as well.

I don’t mind the challenges though, because it makes the job that much more satisfying. There’s nothing better than seeing a happy customer in a building that you worked so hard to transform. This is especially true since I’m not dictated to on how to solve any problems I might face; my bosses just trust me to get on with the job in hand, but at the same time will support me when I need it.

The project I enjoyed working on the most was a large modular building for RAF Leconfield, which was also one of the most challenging projects I’ve worked on. I’ve been with the Company for over twenty years, so that should tell you how tricky this project was!

I joined the Company, PK Accommodation as it was known then, in 1993 as a Foreman. One of the most important things for me about working for Wernick is the job security, which isn’t always easy to come by in the construction industry. The other great thing I’ve found about working here is that hard work will get you opportunities. You’ll be given training, mentoring and be able to progress up the ladder.

Hobbies and interests 

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and walking the family dog. His hobbies include DIY, Gardening, and when he can find the time, fishing. He is also a lover of cars; he is  pictured here road driving an Aston Martin.