See How We Make Our Buildings

Offsite construction is a faster, greener and smarter way to build, and is increasing its share of the construction market by 25% every year!*

Our modular buildings aren’t just built out on site; they are the product of carefully manufactured components. Each of these parts is built at our factory, to strict measurements and tolerances using much of the same building materials as used in traditional construction. The building modules are transported to their location to be installed on site. Using this method, we can install a two storey building in a matter of days!

wernick-factoryThere’s no better way to learn about offsite construction than seeing the process up close.  We don’t just want to show you what we do; we want to introduce you to the world of modular construction and all its possibilities.

University and School Tours

We welcome any schools or educational bodies that would be interested in visiting the factory and can tailor content to suit a variety of age ranges and interests.

If Wernick is supplying classrooms for your school it may be of interest to bring a selection of pupils to the site where their new building is being made – and show them the process that goes into making the classrooms they’ll soon be occupying.

Bespoke Tours

We can conduct tours suitable for a range of age groups and interests. Whether you’re interested specifically in the materials we use, the environmental benefits of offsite manufacturing or just construction in general, we will aim to give you an informative and enjoyable experience.

The tour encompasses every aspect of the manufacture of modular buildings and concludes with a Q&A session with our industry professionals. The agenda includes :

  • Design, Purchasing and Scheduling departmentswernick-factory-line
  • Raw materials
  • Mill
  • Panel construction
  • Plumbing and electrical services
  • Window and door fitting
  • Waste management
  • Q&A session

Along with a half day outing and tour, we can provide:

  • Information booklets and activity packs
  • Goody bags for younger visitors and branded promotional items
  • Quizzes (tailored to a range of ages and abilities)
  • Video presentations
  • Buffet

Please contact us if you want more information about our factory tours.

*Offsite Production in the UK Construction Industry. HSE. June 2015