Rapidplan Modular Building System

Flexible, high quality modular buildings

Rapidplan is a modular building system designed by Wernick Buildings. Based on a durable galvanised steel frame, Rapidplan buildings can be adapted to meet almost any specification.

Rapidplan buildings can be used for countless applications, from simple offices to specialist medical facilities, though its applications tend to fall into two main categories.

One of these categories could be known as ‘commercial open plan’. The accommodation needed by schools, hospitals and offices would fall into this category. Although these are very different applications, there is substantial overlap in what their buildings need to provide.

The second category feature buildings that require sleeping accommodation. This can range from barracks to student dormitories, and are ideally suited for a modular construction  approach as they tend to consist of many identical rooms.

Most of our Rapidplan buildings are designed and built to order, with every building suited to your need. We have however defined some basic attributes of the system that would be used if no other specification was made.

Rapidplan standard specifications:

  • Impact resistant, composite panel external walls and internal walls of self-finished plasterboard bonded onto timber frames
  • Floors consist of 19 or 25mm plywood decking laid on steel joists
  • Warm deck flat roof of profile steel composite insulated sheeting
  • Toilets and similar facilities use white vitreous sanitary ware compliant with current regulations pre-installed prior to delivery plus fully lagged copper supply and PVC wastes, isolating valves etc
  • Ceiling heights are available at 2.4m, 2.7m or 3.0m
  • Commercial grade, powder-coated aluminium or steel exterior doors and hardwood veneered internal doors
  • 1135mm x 860mm and 860mm x 385mm powder coated aluminium framed windows with fixed glass or full opening top hung sashes and double glazed float glass units, lockable handles and restricted friction hinges


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