Our products

Wernick Buildings appreciates that every client’s need is different.

We take a more personal approach to each project, which is why instead of having a large range of products we have developed building systems flexible enough to meet most requirements. These systems are very different from each other, to make sure choosing the right one for your application is simple. The vast majority of our buildings are designed and built to order. This offers the best of both worlds; a custom building based on proven design principles. We do also stock a small number of buildings, for instance small classrooms, which can often be bought off the shelf.

  • The Rapidplan system can offer open plan modular buildings for standard or commercial applications such as schools hospitals and offices, as well as sleeping accommodation; for example in student dormitories or barracks.
  • PCflex is a secure modular system with applications primarily in police custody, but can also be used in mental health facilities where the security and safety of staff and patients is paramount. PCflex also has also been used for specialist buildings within the MOD sector.

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