Whether you’re looking to replace an existing building, or expand your capacity, a new nursery building from Wernick Buildings can provide a permanent facility to a faster, more reliable program than traditional construction.

Infants are much more responsive to their surroundings than adults, so providing a nurturing environment can be hugely beneficial to their development. A well designed, high quality building can go a long way to help realising these benefits.

What can a Wernick Modular Nursery offer?

A Range of Play Environments

  • Furniture, flooring and partition designs can be used to create a variety of distinct play environments, from wet play areas to quiet sleeping rooms, each with their own specific fittings and features.

Plenty of Natural Light

  • We ensure all play areas have access to natural light through features such as low level glazing, while features like half height partitioning can
  • Low level windows, sun pipes, half height doors, internal glazing

Safety and Security

  • Safety features such as finger traps to doors, low surface temperature radiators and blending valves in taps ensure a safe environment for pre-school children
  • Children and staff can be kept safe with a range of security features including controlled access via fob or keypad, door release and CCTV systems, and security fencing

Opportunities for Outdoor Play

  • As part of our full turnkey solution Wernick Buildings can design and deliver landscaping solutions to encourage young minds to explore the outdoors. Canopies and covered play areas mean the fun doesn’t need to stop when the rain starts.

All the Facilities you need

  • From car parks to cafes, your new nursery can include all the facilities you need to best serve the community and your staff as well as children.


Buildings suitable for childcare are also available for hire.

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