Healthcare Buildings

The vast amount of accommodation for healthcare providers supplied by Wernick Buildings throughout Britain is a testament to the effectiveness of modular construction within the healthcare sector.

For short-term, temporary healthcare buildings, see Wernick Hire’s modular buildings page.

Facilities we can provide are not just limited to modular wards; it is possible and indeed preferable to create entire hospitals or health centres using modular construction.

More cost effective than traditional construction, a modular building is also faster to install and causes less disruption.

Other facilities related to healthcare include:

  • Wards
  • Laboratories
  • Surgeries
  • Family accommodation
  • Offices
  • Secure storage
  • Operating theatres
  • HTM compliant

We specialise in bespoke designs so no matter how big or small your project Wernick Buildings can produce a design to your exact specifications.


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