modular classroom interior

Modular Classrooms

We appreciate that not all classrooms are the same. Different subject areas may require different considerations, and we aim to work alongside our clients to achieve their ideal room layout.

Our classrooms can be provided with:

  • Secure storage areas
  • Flexible service layouts to suit different classroom applications
  • A range of floor coverings including non-slip and acoustic enhancement options

Wernick Buildings are able to cater for all types of learning spaces, even if they require specialist considerations. Often, well equipped teaching spaces not only provide value to the students and teachers, but to the wider community. Many schools are renting out their facilities to the community to earn extra revenue, making these facilities an excellent investment.

Some of these classroom spaces, and their typical features, can be found below.

Science Laboratories

While practical experiments are a core part of science education, they do pose safety risks to students and staff. Labs should be spacious and well supplied to minimise these risks.

Laboratory features:

  • Gas taps
  • Sinks
  • Services control panel
  • Fume extraction systems

Music Suites

Containing and controlling sound within a building is challenging, but can be very useful when teaching aural subjects like music or even speaking foreign languages.

Music suite features:

  • Sound proofing
  • Acoustic treatments

Teaching Kitchens

Teaching kitchens offer students the chance to acquire skills that will be useful throughout their life. However, lessons are dependent on having the correct facilities in place, as well as precautions being taken to ensure a safe learning environment.

Kitchen features:

  • Cooking stations
  • Food storage
  • Demonstration/preparation areas


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