Modular classrooms

Thanks to modular offsite construction, it has never been so easy to quickly provide permanent, high-quality classrooms for your pupils.


Learning with Wernick

Our building systems are designed for aesthetic flexibility and enhanced building performance.

Our standard classroom specification can be upgraded to accommodate your additional needs. We have experience in providing permanent and specialist facilities, including SEND-friendly classrooms, both as a complete school and as an extension of an existing building.

We can provide a range of modern teaching equipment and features so you can make the most out of your space. As part of our turnkey service, we can also provide groundwork and landscaping services, including car parks, multi-use games areas and playgrounds.

Standardised classrooms

To make your procurement experience as simple as possible, we have developed a range of standard classroom layouts to cater for a variety of class sizes and age groups.

Each layout features classroom space, storage, and a hallway area, and many include space for toilets, including disabled options.

These layouts have been designed to cater for general educational needs, but with each one manufactured in-house you have total flexibility on the design and specification of your classrooms, whether you need finger traps on the doors or sophisticated AV setups. As part of our full turnkey solution, we are also able to offer landscaping and groundworks services to provide parking facilities, gardens, play areas and more.

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Accommodation for emergencies

In times of crisis, it is essential to quickly provide necessary accommodations to minimise disruption and maintain continuous services. With our vast expertise, we specialise in supplying emergency structures for various purposes, such as offices, schools, police facilities, and healthcare buildings. Our primary focus is on delivering prompt and efficient solutions to meet urgent needs.

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