Modular Construction for Architects

Wernick Buildings have been working with architects for years, with some of our most exciting projects being developed in collaboration with leading UK practises. With small changes to your design process, modular construction can provide enormous benefits to a project.

Modular building design

Why work with us?


We use a variety of software and technologies to enable us to collaborate with you and your client. From sharing BIM modules of our modules to aid your design process, up to producing fully rendered virtual walkthroughs of the building to ensure client satisfaction before construction begins, we make working with us as straightforward as possible.


Modular construction is much faster than traditional methods. Using offsite methods we can undertake site preparations concurrently with building manufacture, which can make construction up to 50% faster than on site. Crucially, this leaves more time in the programme to devote to design, and making sure your client gets their perfect building. It also allows you to serve more clients, even when time isn’t on your side.


The factory improves quality management and means we aren’t susceptible to weather delays. This gives us greater control over both the standard of the finished building and the project programme, so you can be confident that we’ll hand over the building you designed on the date you expect. Our buildings come with a 25 year structural warranty.

Improved Outcomes

A faster, more dependable programme reduces cost throughout the project while delivering a building that performs better. For commercial developments, this also improves client ROI.

Designed Flexibility

You’d be surprised what can be achieved with modular construction. Our systems can incorporate almost all of your favourite products, whether it’s cladding, flooring, furniture or fixings. With clear internal spans of up to 12m and a floor to soffit height up to 3.6m, our modules give your clients plenty of room to breathe.

If this sounds interesting, why not get in touch today?

We’ve found that modular projects run much more smoothly when a modular provider is involved early in the process, as early as RIBA stage 2. That way you can work with the provider’s system from the outset, instead of spending time ‘modularising’ a design retrospectively. Even if there isn’t a project on your desk right now, we’d be happy to speak to you about how you can access the benefits of modern methods of construction.

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