Wernick Supports Annual Games for Paralysed People

8th May 2019
Inter Spinal Unit Games 2019 Fencing

The 2019 Inter Spinal Unit Games were once again a huge success, thanks to the dedication of volunteers, generous donations from supporters and sponsors and the tenacity of those taking part.

The Games, organised by charity WheelPower, are an opportunity for paralysed people from around the country to try wheelchair sport while meeting others with the same or similar challenges.

The Wernick Group is a proud supporter of this charity and a recent donation of £3,000 was used to purchase a specialist laser gun and a standing frame, both of which have been put to use at this year’s Games. Previous donations include a specialist wheelchair for fencing, a sport that the charity hopes to add to an already impressive range of 35 sports and activities.

This year’s Games based in Stoke Mandeville, the home of the Paralympic movement, allows paralysed people of all ages and ability levels to participate in sport – helping to encourage physical fitness and a sense of purpose. Simply participating in the event can instil hope in those who may feel their life has been forever altered for the worse.

David Wernick, Wernick Group Executive Chairman commented: “It is extremely important to me to support charities such as WheelPower, who make a huge difference to people living with a disability. Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The Inter Spinal Unit Games are transformative for those taking part and it has been an honour to be involved.”

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