Wernick’s journey to net zero

23rd November 2023
image of the solar panels on the york factory

At Wernick Group, we’re on a mission to reach net zero by 2040. We’ve taken significant strides in this direction, and we’re excited to share our progress with you.

Wernick Refurbished Buildings: Leading the charge

Wernick Refurbished Buildings is determined to be the first net zero company in the Wernick Group of companies. How are we doing it? By adopting an inherently circular refurbishment process, we are a sustainable alternative to newly manufactured modular buildings. Our steel frames are re-purposed and upcycled, meaning less embodied carbon is used throughout the whole refurbishment process.

We have embraced a zero-waste-to-landfill approach by improving our recycling. The installation of solar panels on the factory roof saves us 75,000 kWh a year and we have replaced our old diesel-run forklift trucks with electric versions.

Wernick Hire: The eco range

Wernick Hire offers an online smart tool, the GreenSpace Eco Calculator that shows you the carbon dioxide and cost savings that can be made when you choose a cabin from our eco range. These cabins can hold an impressive EPC rating of A*. We are also aiming to cut out all single-use plastic and have already ditched our single-use transport sheets.

Wernick Buildings: Saving energy

Wernick Buildings optimised energy consumption by revamping the manufacturing process and the re-layout of the factory. This has increased production line efficiency and saved 110,000 kWh in the first year. Our solar panels are providing over 55,000 kWh annually, covering 9% of the factory’s energy needs. Two voltage optimisation units were introduced, saving 12.8 tonnes of CO2 per annum by reducing energy consumption by 9.2%. We also ensure that waste streams are recovered or recycled— an example of this is our wood shavings are used for animal bedding.

Wernick Power Solutions: Eco-focused solutions

Wernick Power Solutions provide innovative solutions that optimise and decarbonise client’s power needs. We have telemetry technology which allows us to monitor all aspects of the equipment throughout a client’s project. It reduces running costs by ensuring the generator is operated at its optimum performance. We also offer a range of eco products, from Stage V generators to fixed solar PVs, these can help clients transition to become net zero.

Wernick AVDanzer: Recycling and reusing

Wernick AVDanzer’s manufacturing process is inherently circular with ease of disassembly and recycling in mind. As well as ensuring that all waste is recycled or recovered, we have eliminated single-use plastics within our operations, by using reusable transport sheets and re-purposing materials.

The Wernick Group: Collective commitment

Across all our group companies, we’re switching to LED lighting and installing EV chargers. Our vehicle fleet is transitioning toward hybrid and fully electric vehicles, reducing our carbon footprint significantly. Our Head Office in Wickford is setting the example, with solar panels producing most of the buildings electricity and we have recently installed smart plug sockets which show the carbon intensity of our electricity.

The dedication to reducing our carbon emissions is a collective effort, environment has become a core company value as the commitment goes beyond our factories and offices.

Join us on this exciting journey to net zero.

Wernick Head Office PV panels roof

*Comparison is based on a single unit layout, calculated in a consistent specific location and orientation, in accordance with the NCM at the time of calculation. EPC ratings away from that specific location and orientation are different and reliant on a range of variable factors.