Wernick Powers up with new accreditations

26th January 2021

Wernick Power Solutions have been newly registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 under their integrated management system. The achievement gives our clients more confidence in the equipment and service that they receive from Wernick Power Solutions.

The registration process was arduous and included four days of back-to-back audits across all the operational Power Solutions locations. Service Manager, Paul Maguire, recently received the new certificates. During 2021, all new Power locations coming online will be added to expand the registration.

It is anticipated that these registrations will open doors for the business and enable Wernick Power Solutions to bid for a wider variety of high-quality work across multiple industry sectors.

Quality, Product & Technical Manager, Iain Lewis commented: “Creating an integrated management system from scratch in any business is a tall order. Creating an integrated management system in a business less than two years old is much harder, and the achievement is a credit to all the Power Solutions teams across the country.”

General Manager, David Mahon, commented: “Achieving this accreditation further strengthens our position in the sector and allows us to operate with the largest contractors in the UK. To achieve this accreditation so quickly has been a real challenge for everyone involved and is a real testament to their passion for making our business successful.”