Wernick Power Solutions at Plantworx 2023

4th May 2023

Wernick Power Solutions is glad to announce that they’ll be attending the Plantworx Exhibition on June 13-15.

Plantworx is a show where traditional construction equipment, and emerging and disruptive technologies are showcased. There are opportunities for those attending to watch live demonstrations and the latest advancements in machine technology and support products.

We’ll be showcasing some of our power solution products, including a Stage V generator, intelligent Battery Storage Unit (BSU) and also our Distribution Board. Our portable Electric Vehicle Chargers will also be on display for visitors to see up close.

Product that will be displayed include:

Stage V Generators

We’ve been investing heavily in our stage V generators, and will have our generator on show for our visitors to look at.

A Stage V generator is a compact, reliable, and environmentally friendly power solution that meets the latest EU Stage V emissions regulations. With a robust and secure canopy with large lockable doors, it’s a dependable choice for various applications, from construction and events to backup power.


The Voltbank is our battery storage unit that works alongside a generator to provide power to lights, appliances, and security cameras during reduced demand periods. By using our Voltbank instead of the generator, customers can reduce emissions, noise levels, and fuel costs. This innovative product helps businesses across various industries meet sustainability targets and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV chargers are essential for recharging electric vehicles, with the charger performing a handshaking process to determine cable size, charging rate, and earth continuity. IDEV Onsite offers a robust, easily mountable EV charging point for challenging construction and industrial environments. The IDEV Onsite+ AC charging unit is a portable charger suitable for outdoor use. Both support Type 2 connections, covering BMW, Tesla, VW, Renault, Mercedes, Porsche, Hyundai and many others.

You can see our recent case studies here.

Make sure you drop us a visit at stand D-LA4 and speak to our power solution experts!